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Our platform is continually evolving to provide new data attributes from leading third-party digital identity solution providers,
all while maintaining flexibility for our clients


BioConnect offers solutions to the toughest security problems that the enterprise faces. We help to increase security and identity assurance for any access event, no matter the deployment. Enabling trust in the connected world, BioConnect provides enterprise biometric authentication & a security platform to establish stronger trust in unifying a person’s identity across physical, IoT and digital applications. The result is exact identity assurance, advanced cybersecurity and protection of the most valuable company assets; their people, data and IP. By innovating on the breadth of authentication options, BioConnect provides a level of trust that does not yet exist in the market today. The company is based in Toronto, Canada and is passionately powered by the brightest and most forward-thinking minds.


Certn is the leader in human risk intelligence solutions, focusing on providing real-time comprehensive background checks and ongoing risk monitoring for employees, contractors and tenants around the world. Used by leading employers, staffing firms, property management companies and the gig economy, Certn returns domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, employment verification, motor vehicle records, identity verification, and more in minutes. Through innovative, friendly, and compliant technology, Certn is advancing trusted connections around the world.

Datex Inc., a technology company based just outside of Toronto, Canada, develops software solutions that address complex business problems. DataStealth, Datex’ flagship cybersecurity solution, is a patented breakthrough in cybersecurity software.  With DataStealth, any organization, whether engaged in finance, insurance, healthcare, government, technology, retail, manufacturing, or any other industry, finally has the cybersecurity tools needed to truly safeguard any type of sensitive data. DataStealth enables organizations to prevent the serious consequences of data breaches and ensure legal, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

EnStream is a joint venture of Canada’s leading mobile telecom companies – Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications and TELUS Communications – that provides identity verification and device authentication for 3rd party applications. Intended for banks, credit bureaus, insurance companies, government, utilities and many others, with end-user consent, these services can help provide timely and accurate verification of mobile subscriber identity and related account and service information, to enhance user convenience and reduce identity theft and fraud.

With headquarters in Florida and Toronto, Fintainium facilitates the relationship between financial institutions, businesses, and other technology companies in North America. Fintainium combines world class domestic and international money movement products with workflow, accounting, and reconciliation automation. Fintainium enhances back-office operations for institutions and streamlines accounting processes for end-users.
Fintainium is an API-driven and modular platform that was designed to work seamlessly with other platforms. Fintainium’s technology enables features such as three minute on-platform loan adjudication, integrated CFO toolkit with business intelligence, real-time payments, credit risk analysis, cash flow optimization, and back-office automation. Fintainium is the only platform that combines all these features into a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface and can also integrate into the background of a partner’s larger solution.

Flinks enables the open, consent-based exchange of financial data and empowers you to connect consumers with the services they want.


FundThrough is the most powerful invoice funding platform that lets you access capital on your terms.


IDmission is the leading provider of lifecycle identity management solutions, eliminating risk associated with false identities for customers and employees across the globe. By using a full suite of in-house developed technologies, IDmission is able to provide enhanced security solutions with frictionless user experience. Invisible by design, it applies biometric science to create security that doesn’t get in the way of doing business.

Railz is building the largest financial data network to empower financial institutions to make sense of accounting data across multiple platforms. Railz is the only financial data-as-a-service solution that connects, normalizes, and analyzes financial data from top accounting service providers. We do this to make financing decisions faster, better, and easier for financial institutions and their commercial and small-medium business (SMB) customers.


At SEON, we’re fraud fighters. We reduce risk and boost conversions for highly targeted verticals such as banking, lending, FX and crypto trading, iGaming, and eCommerce. Our innovative tools let our customers decide how you integrate fraud prevention into their platform, either as individual modules for multi-layered security or as a whole end-to-end system. We help leverage real-time data enrichment, device fingerprinting, digital footprint analysis, and a powerful Machine Learning engine to flag fraudsters, reduce user friction, and control risk thresholds to help the business grow with complete peace of mind.

Digital Transformation for; Identity Verification, eKYC & eKYB, Fraud Detection, AML Compliance, FRAML, Risk Assessment, and Account Monitoring in a single solution through one API.

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