Accelerating Trust
in a Digital World

Identity Aggregator for Enterprises

IDVerifact provides you with access to leading digital identity solutions so you can detect fraud, prove identity, and gather rich data attributes in order to assess risk & adhere to all compliance requirements.


Partner with world-leading digital identity verification providers


Assign composite APIs to specific projects and cost centres


Normalize and standardize all data in advance for easy consumption


We abstract and sort our partners’ solutions into common categories that business users can recognize and reuse


We provide a visual, no-code, studio in order to design and publish composite digital identity APIs on the fly


IDVerifact verifies the identity or business entity quickly and easily

Future Proof

Reduce risk through our evolving platform


Combine multiple, individual solutions to meet complex requirements

No Code

Easily assemble composite APIs in a menu-driven user experience

idverifact platform

IDVerifact simplifies complex transactions by delivering a complete suite of digital identity solutions to individuals and organizations.

Eliminate the friction associated
with fraud detection
Provide your customers the convenience
they expect without sacrificing security
Meet requirements while protecting
your organization and your clients
Pro-actively reduce risk across
all your products and services

Protect sensitive data at rest and in transit while eliminating cybersecurity risks
Manage consent across your enterprise
at an individual customer level

Streamline the day-to-day administration of the underlying enterprises
Automate underwriting, adjudication
and decisioning processes

Keep track of customer transactions
and manage cases

Obtain reported income from the Canadian Revenue Agency

Digital Identity by the Number


Average savings in integration
and orchestration costs


Potential reduction in
customer onboarding cost


Potential global economic
value from digital ID by 2030


Average worldwide annual
loss from identity fraud

IDVerifact can help you stay complaint, reduce fraud, detect risk, and prove identity and business entity.

Your industry

Learn how a centralized digital identity strategy can dramatically improve your customer experience, reduce costs and improve security and compliance. Accelerate the onboarding of digital identity solutions by using a simplified platform like IDVerifact.