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IDVerifact accelerates the implementation and time to value of digital identity solutions by…

Simplifying discovery and engagement with multiple best of breed digital identity and digital asset providers

Eliminating the complexity of integrating and orchestrating diverse sources of digital identity proofing and identity-related data

Providing all of this through a no-code software as a service built for business-focused users

We generate your specific digital identity use cases simply, securely and quickly.


Digital Identity by the numbers

Capturing the value from digital ID is by no means certain or automatic. Careful system design and well considered policies are needed to promote uptake and mitigate risks. IDVerifact is built to accelerate it all while reducing risk and overall cost.!

$17 billion

Average annual losses from identity fraud

$995 billion

Potential economic value enabled by digital ID by 2030


Potential reduction in customer onboarding costs for Institutions using high-assurance ID and available trusted third party data sources in customer onboarding


Average savings in overall integration and orchestration costs for the implementation of digital identity solutions with IDVerifact


Every Digital Identity Functionality in One Platform

Generate unique digital identity functions to support any process on the fly quickly and securely without coding.

Future proof your enterprise’s digital identity capabilities. IDVerifact ensures future enhancements and capabilities are immediately made available and new solutions, functions, and compliance requirements are quickly added for enterprise consumption.

So how are benefits


Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by providing actual straight through processing. Provide multiple methods of identity proofing and third-party data gathering as self-directed customer choices while ensuring the overall security of your organization.

Operations & Back Office

All input is error. Most solve for this reality with after the fact administrative processes that add zero value and increase cost of customer acquisition and retention. IDVerifact provides digital third-party sources of truth eliminating manual entry, after the fact validations, and clunky step-up verifications.

Risk & Compliance

Ensure compliance and reduce risk with the standardization of common validations and verifications. IDVerifact provides the tools to address both in one standard platform that all processes across all departments and services can easily access and implement.

Development & Technology

Eliminate the complexity associated with sourcing and integrating niche digital identity solutions. Remove the risk of IT or business painting your company into a corner by placing bets on solutions with limited customer adoption or utility. Integrate once and access an ever-elaborating platform of identity.

How does IDVerifact



IDVerifact partners with leading digital identity solution providers. We do the heavy lifting to source, integrate, and aggregate the best of breed solutions across all digital identity functionalities. 


We put in the work to eliminate the complexities of deciphering marketing lingo. We abstract and sort our partners’ solutions into common functional categories that business users can recognize and reuse.


No matter which partner is providing the underlying functionality IDVerifact has already normalized and standardized the payloads to make the integration that much easier.


IDVerifact provides a visual, no-code, studio to design and publish composite digital identity APIs on the fly. Different use cases from any line of business can easily be designed and published with no technical skills required.


Attribution and cost allocation related to the consumption of underlying services and functions can be aggravating. IDVerifact provides the capability to assign composite APIs to cost centers and specific projects making cost allocation, a breeze.

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