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Every Digital Identity
Function in One Platform

Future proof your identity verification processes by easily adding new solutions, functions and compliance capabilities on demand

future proof

Future Proof

Continually reduce risk through our evolving platform


Combine multiple, individual solutions to meet complex requirements
no coding

No Code

Easily assemble composite APIs in a menu-driven user experience

What we do

We simplify complex transactions by delivering a complete suite of digital identity solutions to individuals and organizations


Eliminate the friction associated with fraud detection


Pro-actively reduce risk across all your products and services


Provide your customers the convenience they expect without sacrificing security


Receive data from your customers to help you generate insights and make better decisions


Meet evolving compliance requirements while protecting your clients and organization


How Does
IDVerifact Work?

We provide you with access to leading digital identity solutions so you can detect fraud, prove identity, and gather rich data attributes in order to assess risk & adhere to all compliance requirements


We partner with world leading digital identity solution providers to do the heavy lifting for you


No matter which partner is providing the underlying functionality, we normalize and standardize all data in advance for easy consumption


We provide the ability to assign composite APIs to specific projects and cost centres to make cost allocation, a breeze


We abstract and sort our partners’ solutions into common categories that business users can recognize & reuse


We provide a visual, no-code, studio in order to design and publish composite digital identity APIs on the fly

Complexity Simplified

We accelerate the implementation and time-to-value of digital identity solutions by simplifying the use of multiple digital identity and digital asset providers. Learn how a centralized digital identity strategy can dramatically improve your customer experience, reduce costs and improve security and compliance

Digital Identity
by the numbers


Average Worldwide annual loss from identity fraud


Potential global economic value from digital ID by 2030


Potential reduction in customer onboarding cost


Average savings in integration and orchestration costs

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