IDVerifact Simplifies
Complex Transactions

A better way to protect your business and customers

Our Platform

Designed to automate, orchestrate and accelerate, IDVerifact transforms the complex into manageable while reducing costs and increasing your time-to-value.

We provide a simplified platform where you can access a complete catalogue of leading digital identity providers right at your fingertips. Through a single integration, you are able to combine multiple digital identity capabilities to meet any business use case. As your needs change, you can add new capabilities and functions to avoid risk and fraud by delivering continuous improvement in your clients’ experience.

By using our platform, companies can quickly identify risk, stay ahead of fraud and ensure compliance.

Our Roadmap from
Current to
Future Technology

How our platform is paving the way to an inclusive and expanding digital economy

Initial Groundwork

Initial Groundwork

First release of the IDVerifact platform
December 2018
First Production Customer

First Production Customer

iA on-boarded as first customer that will install IDVerifact in production in 2020
December 2019

Production Updates & New Banner

The IDVerifact work product was extended
December 2020

Push Forward

Extend functionality
December 2021

Extended Functionality

Extended functionality and geographic reach
December 2022

IAM and HR Integrations

Expand the connectivity to include HRIS and IAM solutions
December 2023

Grow the Platform

Integrating additional partner solutions and digital assets
December 2024

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