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Designed to automate, orchestrate and accelerate, IDVerifact transforms the complex into manageable while reducing costs and increasing your time-to-value.

We provide a simplified platform where you can access a complete catalogue of leading digital identity providers right at your fingertips. Through a single integration, you are able to combine multiple digital identity capabilities to meet any business use case. As your needs change, you can add new capabilities and functions to avoid risk and fraud by delivering continuous improvement in your clients’ experience.

By using our platform, companies can quickly identify risk, stay ahead of fraud and ensure compliance.

IDVerifact’s Features

We simplify complex transactions by delivering a complete suite of digital identity solutions



IDVerifact reduces the time, cost, technical challenges, and poor user experiences faced due to fraud detection and mitigation processes. IDVerifact is focused on consolidating an ever-increasing arsenal of passive fraud detection solutions that can be consolidated in any combination. IDVerifact future proofs your fraud detection by constantly adding new vectors of fraud detection as they become available and as fraudsters devise new ways of bypassing stale-dated solutions. IDVerifact further provides leading biometrics solutions to provide further fraud mitigating processes. IDVerifact helps our clients scale their digital operations without suffering unneeded losses due to fraudulent activity.



IDVerifact streamlines credit risk decisions by providing trusted third-party data digitally direct from the source straight into the process. IDVerifact removes the need to rely on after the fact manual verification based on analog and paper-based data. Employment, income, criminal record, and negative media are a few of the risk indicators that can be validated from multiple sources.  IDVerifacts risk attributes help our clients improve and rethink their risk models and origination process while reducing the overall costs.


IDVerifact Provides access to sanctions, PEP, and watchlists from multiple jurisdictions globally.  Easy access to digital verification of key risk indicators and the ability to integrate quickly with enterprise risk management solutions for case management is essential for maintaining compliance without significant effort and cost increases.



IDVerifact offers the most comprehensive set of identity verification solutions available. Identity document validation, digitalized identity document consumption, digital credential utilization, and self-sovereign identities are all identity verification solutions available. IDVerifact constantly adds new methods as they become available future-proofing your enterprise’s ability to accept the ever-evolving list of available digital identity methods.


IDVerifact believes that sensitive data should always be protected in transit and at rest. We further believe that hackers cannot steal what is not there. IDVerifact can tokenize, anonymize, mask, and encrypt data at the point of data entry and store the data so that if it is compromised it is worthless. IDVerifact is then able to reconstitute the data when needed based on defined access and authorization privileges. All of this is available without impact to existing databases or applications.  



With non-compliance fines soaring and customers more concerned about their personal data than ever, customer consent management is now a top priority. IDVerifact provides customer consent management to support consent management across ethical walls within your enterprise, as you introduce third-party services into your enterprise and as customers bring their own solutions leveraging your enterprise’s services.  IDVerifact provides your customers with the ability to not only determine what personal data they are willing to share and when, but also the ability to revoke provided consents and immediately digitally limit access to solutions and services.

Evolving List of
Digital Identity Attributes

Our platform allows business users to select all the data and functionality that is needed in order to address specific use cases across multiple lines of business. To receive one composite data payload that meets the needs of each individual use case, all you will need to do is assemble any combination of our growing list of identity-proving attributes.



1. Age Verification
2. Banking Account Detail

• Bank Account Info
• Bank Native Statements
• Direct Deposit Detail
• Fraud Detection
• Investment Account Detail
• Transaction Detail
• Transaction History
3. Credit Risk Validations
• Application Fraud
• Risk Rating
4. Criminal Records Check
5. Education Validation
6. Employment Validation
7. Income Validation
8. Negative Media & Social Validations
9. Politically Exposed Person Validation
10. Sanctions List Validations
11. Tax Profile
12. Telco and Device Detail

• Device Authentication
• Identity Verification
• Location Services
• Phone Number Fraud Score
data protection


1. PCI Compliance
2. Data Residency
3. Creation of Test Data
4. Data Masking
5. Data Access Audit Logging
6. Secured Cloud Storage Without
7. Exposing PII


1. Connectivity within institutions – consent to share across ethical walls
2. Extending trusted services -scaling trusted services beyond your enterprise
3. Consumer Directed Finance -management of consented data access
money laundering


1. Transaction Monitoring
2. Case Management
3. Suspicious Activity Reporting
identity validation


1. Document Validation
• Drivers License
• Passport
• Permanent Resident
• Health/Other
2. Credit Bureau Challenge Questions
3. Customer Facial Deduplication
4. Electronic Document Validation
5. Liveness Validation
6. Online Banking Authentication
identity validation


1. Financials
• SMB Accounting Data
• SMB Accounting Add-ons
• Working Capital AR/AP
• Invoice Factoring/Financing
2. Automated KYB
• Fraud
• Terrorism
• Human-trafficking
• Negative Media/Other


1. Digital Step-up/Authentication
• Facial Recognition
• Voice Recognition
• Fingerprint Recognition
• Iris/eye Recognition
• Behavioural Biometrics
2. Physical Security
• MFA with Wellness
• Mobile Auth for Doors
• Biometrics Hardware
credit automation


1. Credit Rules
• Audit/Compliance Ind
• Pass/Fail/Grey Zones
• Underwriting Prioritization
• Lending Rules Exception
• Loan Securitization Segments
2. Application Data
• Lending App Data Cleansing
• Lending App Data Enrichment

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