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IDVerifact is focused on reducing the cost, time, and technical challenges faced due to fraud. The IDVerifact solution simplifies fraud management so you can focus on what matters: growing and scaling your company. IDVerifact helps our clients scale their digital operations without suffering loss from chargebacks, AML and KYC fines, and transaction fraud.



IDVerifact provides access to trusted third party digital data by moving beyond traditional risk indicators. Our platform stream-lines credit risk decisions by providing analog and paper-based data in a digital format and direct from the source of truth while  We remove the risk of additional human error or malicious fraudulent activity. Income verification, employment verification and social queues are just some of the digital attributes IDVerifact can provide to help our clients improve and rethink their risk models while reducing the overall costs of previously manual underwriting.


Our clients benefit from IDVerifact’s access to thousands of data sources that are updated in real time. Global watchlists, PEP lists, Adverse Media as well as ongoing monitoring are included to provide a comprehensive compliance platform.



Digital Identity solutions are about more than just verification of physical security documents. Today enterprises need to integrate identity solutions as a strategic part of their business processes and expand their catalogue of available digital identities. IDVerifact offers effortless end-to-end customer journeys using passive liveness biometrics, Identity-as-a-Service, multi-factor authentication, and access to an ever-growing list of available digital identity credential verifications.


IDVerifact focuses on allowing lines of business separated by ethical walls and disparate enterprises that want to share customer data to do that without compromising any personal identifiable information (PII). Through zero knowledge, proof functionality and a robust customer consent engine IDVerifact provides everything our clients need to make the most of their customer base while remaining compliance with privacy regulations, customer trust expectations, and enterprise specific procedures and policies.

Evolving List of
Digital Identity Attributes

Our platform allows business users to select all the data that is needed in order to address each specific use case. To receive one composite data payload that meets the needs of each individual use case, all you will need to do is assemble any combination of our growing list of identity proving attributes.


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